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Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues

- a Veronica Mars fic community for the challenge responses

Seven Deadly Sins & Seven Heavenly Virtues
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This is a community for the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues challenge for the TV show Veronica Mars.

It is for people to post their fics here once they are written.

It’s incredibly simple – you sign up with your name and email and then get assigned either a deadly sin or a heavenly virtue and you write a fic based on it. It can be featured in the fic, a general theme or you can put a twist on it any way you like.

This is a general list of the fourteen sins and virtues. We found many different words for each of them, but finally decided on these. While a definition has been provided for each, some of the words may have many different meanings so you can put any spin on it the way you like.

Prudence – wisdom in being careful.
Tolerance - willingness to recognise and respect the beliefs or practices of others.
Justice – a fair judgement.
Fortitude - strength and courage.
Love – a strong, positive emotion of affection.
Hope – a desire something will happen, even if there is evidence for the contrary.
Faith – complete confidence is a person or plan.

Pride – an elevated feeling of self respect or personal worth.
Envy – a desire to have something that is possessed by another.
Lust – a strong sexual desire.
Wrath – extreme anger.
Sloth – not practising physical or spiritual work.
Greed – a desire to obtain more materialistic possessions then needed.
Gluttony – consuming more then necessary.

• Fics should be 1000 words or more.
• Any character(s) from Veronica Mars.
• Any pairing.

It ends officially on the 7th Feb, but people are welcome to sign up any time after, you just won't have as long to write as the others.

You can post them any time, but the official end is March 30th.

So, to sign up - go to this post and leave us your name and email! Simple as.

Good luck and have fun!

fickledame and forever_begins.

Big thanks go to jo__angel for the header and layout and micra77 for the info headers!